Source of My Name

One question that I get frequently asked (and it seems so more lately) is the source of my name. My new blog seems like the perfect place to make this global explanation.

 My given name is Howard, a name that I do not dislike, though have never been called it. Only the DMV, IRS, etc. regularly refer to me by that name (as well they should) and it is, appropriately, on my passport. It is rather nice to have two names in that it provides a “name filter” when someone telephones. If they ask for Howard, it’s likely that they don’t know me and are probably a telemarketer. My bank has no problem in that they will readily accept checks made out either to Howard or Bebo. My United Airlines Mileage Plus card has both names lest I lose any frequent flyer miles.

I was born and raised in the South (North Carolina) where having nicknames is pretty much the norm (e.g., Bubba). I have a sister who is two and a half years older than me and the story goes that when I was about six months old she tried to call be “Big Boy.” It came out Bebo and that’s it.

And then there was that ninth grade teacher I had who announced that I could not go through life with a name like Bebo so she would refer to me only as Howard. I agreed, but she gave up when I never responded to her in class. I was not doing that on purpose or in any way being rebellious. I guess that she was wrong about me going through life with Bebo since the rest is history…

2 Responses to “Source of My Name”

  1. Terrie Cheung (@techeung) Says:

    Hi Bebo !!

  2. November Sun Says:

    Hi Bebo! I came across a similar situation like you were in ninth grade. When I first came to the company, my boss didn’t accept me called November and thought that was not so professional..
    Look forward to seeing you at the end this month!

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