The Mystery (to me) of Climate Change

I was just reading a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science about how the glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro are melting – the evidence appears to be irrefutable. It is still a great mystery to me about why the topic of global warming/climate change is such a political issue. Do the opponents of measures to combat climate change truly believe that it’s a conspiracy conjured up to punish/regulate big business (e.g., the polluters) or to gain political power (e.g., big government control) via the passage of legislation? Sure, there are some scientists (or “arm chair scientists”) who do not accept that man-made actions are adversely affecting the climate, but clearly the majority believe that environmental evidence suggests that there is a connection. I cannot think of any other issue where the proponents (in this case, those believing in global warming) truly wish that the opponents were correct but cannot find substantiation in the data. Likewise, is the evidence touted by the opponents so compelling to them that they are willing to take a chance and gamble with the planet’s future? I truly do not understand…

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